Irvine, California (October 26, 1998) - Reaffirming a true commitment to quality, Advantage Memory, a global manufacturer of computer memory and flash products, has achieved ISO 9001 Certification (certificate number FM 40674) for the design, manufacturing and marketing of computer memory products. Advantage Memory received certification after their first audit by British Standards Institution, one of the most renowned registrars and the first international standards body.

"We are very proud to have our quality system approved by ISO standards," said John Harriman, President of Advantage Memory. "This is a key step in ensuring our manufacturing facility adheres to the highest standards in product quality and performance, and will be instrumental in increasing our support of our channel, OEM and contract manufacturing partners."

ISO 9001 is the most comprehensive of the ISO 9000 quality management standards as it includes both product and design process controls. The standard is recognized worldwide as the leading quality management standard. One of the key benefits of the implementation is that Advantage's product defect rate is now consistently below 1%, one of the lowest in the industry.

"Advantage Memory's quality system was built around the philosophy of improving quality in every reasonable way, ISO 9000 certification was always a secondary goal," commented James Leon, Director of Quality Assurance at Advantage Memory.

Executive Vice President, Rob Reed added, "Advantage Memory has always adhered to a strict quality assurance policy in designing, manufacturing and testing our products. We were able to obtain our ISO 9001 certification relatively quickly as we already had a comprehensive process in place."

Founded in 1988, Advantage Memory Corporation is a global manufacturer of memory products. Advantage designs and manufactures over 3,000 products including generic, proprietary, workstation, PC card and flash memory. All Advantage memory products are backed by a lifetime warranty and 24-hour product replacement. For more information, visit Advantage Memory's web site at or contact the representatives above.