SOAPnotextSOAP is Secured Online Advantage Pricing

With SOAP, our clients can view their up-to-the-minute pricing. SOAP is always available and it's customized for each client. Like our Configurator Online, you can use SOAP to view system upgrade information with a twist: the products listed on each system configuration page include the clients specific up-to-the-minute price.

A SOAP Test Drive is available. The test drive shows only where your price will be when you are a qualified Advantage Memory Reseller and have registered for SOAP. Until you've registered, the price columns say simply, "Your Price Here". Sorry, but there is NO Online Registration. To use SOAP, you must first contact your account representative for qualification and registration information.

Click here to take SOAP for a test drive.

Click here to start a normal SOAP logon process.

An invalid user id or password entry enables the Configurator features only.