Volume Incentive Program (VIP)

With the introduction of the industry's most comprehensive client incentive program, Advantage has once again set ourselves apart from the competition. The Volume Incentive Program (VIP) was created to reward our high volume clients for their ongoing support of Advantage Memory.

With programs that include benefits such as purchasing rebates of up to 2%, free freight and insurance packages, clients will see an immediate impact on their costs. Incentives such as Corporate Trip Raffles, Client Sponsored Events and Vendor Show Participation reward your sales force for selling and promoting Advantage memory products. And more important, benefits such as the ASAP program, IBM Service Agreement and Advantage modules labeled with your part numbers, will benefit your clients.

All the benefits offered through VIP will make working with Advantage Memory both easier and more rewarding.

Corporate Referral Program (CRP)-End User Benefits

As technology advances and software applications become more sophisticated, memory upgrades are required to run systems at optimum performance and to prolong the life of your existing investment. Upgrading your corporation's computer systems can be a costly experience, in both time and money. Advantage Memory has made a policy to provide value added services to our corporate partners, so you have the confidence that you're not just purchasing a product but a commitment to excellence which stretches from in-house engineering and manufacturing to customer support.

The Advantage Memory Corporate Referral Program (CRP) is designed to simplify the process of purchasing memory upgrades, while providing you significant financial savings. It also allows Advantage to offer you the highest quality products and service through your preferred reseller.

In the rapidly evolving memory industry, it is key to be partnered with a manufacturer who understands your unique needs and takes the necessary steps to fulfill them. At Advantage Memory, this is our number one goal.

Corporate Referral Program (CRP)-Reseller Benefits
We created the Corporate Referral Program (CRP) to simplify the purchasing process for corporate end-users, and provide them with significant financial savings. This program has the added benefit of increasing your business with pull through clients.

Over the past year we have set up a dedicated pull through department to assist in this process. We are also expanding our efforts in this area with programs such as monthly direct mail, bi-weekly news bulletins and increased advertising in publications such as VARBusiness and Information Week.

Please contact us about how to become a preferred referral reseller.

Advantage Resource Alliance (ARA)
First-to-market status on our memory products is a priority at Advantage, because we recognize that the market is ultimately driven not be technological breakthroughs, but by client needs. Recently, we saw an opportunity to meet those needs more efficiently by working together with OEMs, System Integrators, Resellers and VARs (SIRVs) and forging what we call The Advantage Resource Alliance. The Alliance is a unique cooperative development effort that combines industry expertise with the Engineering, Product Development and Quality Assurance resources at Advantage to product leading-edge memory product solutions.

By forming this Alliance, Advantage has created market benefits that directly impact memory product clientele. These benefits include:

Guaranteed price structure: Giving our clients "OEM level" pricing. Bonded inventories: Building products to meet the manufacturer's sales projections. Proprietary ordering systems: Providing specific part numbers according to client needs.

The Advantage Resource Alliance represents yet another reason why consumers worldwide trust the Advantage brand.