With a capacity of over 10,000 modules per day,

Advantage's ESD Free, Just-in-Time manufacturing

facility is operated to adhere to total quality control.

Each phase of production, from receiving room

inspection to component assembly, is carefully

monitored to meet ISO 9001 standards.


Our commitment to a minimum manufacturing

capacity ensures immediate responsiveness to client

needs while allowing for constant expansion of our

manufacturing capabilities. With several production

lines composed of state-of-the-art Zevatech 750 SMT

machines, BTU's VIP 98 reflow oven and Westec's

Triton IV SM Washer, Advantage operates at the

forefront of manufacturing technology.


Quality is the cornerstone of Advantage Memory's

manufacturing facility. Our preventative maintenance

program ensures our equipment is serviced almost

twice as often as the manufacturer's recommended

maintenance schedule. Such a commitment to quality

guarantees our clients little, if any, down time and

maintains our 98% same day fulfillment rate.