Pocket Disk is a "got to own" product for every PC users, it is a USB type removable flash disk drive and can support up to 512M disk space.
You can save, delete or move data to or from the Pocket Disk as you do normally with your desktop hard disk drive. You can plug it into any PC or laptop which has an USB connector, the Pocket Disk will be recognized as a removable hard drive by your computer.
The Pocket Disk is a portable USB hard drive used for storage and transport of data and applications, it is lightweight and compact, it is approximately the size of a lighter which can fit right into your pants or shirt pocket.


USB Ver.1.1 Compatible




90 x 29 x 13 mm



OS Support

Support Windows 95 OSR 2 with USB support, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE with device driver.(download)
Support Windows ME, Windows 2000,
Mac OS 8.6 or above WITHOUT any device driver.

Data transfer speed

Read speed > 750KB/sec
Write speed <450KB/sec

Read/Write times

1,000,000 times

Shock resistance

1000G (maximum)